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"I have grown up around dogs from Jack Russell Terriers and beautiful Border Collie sheep dogs to one of the best characters I have ever met in a Great Dane - Newfoundland cross. I learnt very quickly at a young age that there was something about dogs that could take a bad day and be able to give you support and manage to bring a smile to your face without needing to say a word. They are pure happiness and I find they have an wonderful ability to bring people out of their shells, be the best friend we all need and the secret keeper to our fears with no hint of judgement.


My background is theatre, having trained and worked as a costume maker for the past six years I learnt a lot about responsibility and organisation but knew I wanted to push it further and find a way to use those skills to bring people, or in this case our furry friends joy. I'm delighted to have joined the Holty Paws team and am looking forward to delivering fun, interesting adventures to all your dogs."

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