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"I was lucky enough to grow up on a sheep farm in Cornwall and have spent my entire life surrounded by pets and livestock of all description. So if you need someone to catch a sheep or worm a pig, I'm your girl! 

But seriuously, dogs have been an important part of my life since I can ever remember. We had dogs as pets on the farm and throughout my life. I have two terriers, affectionately known as 'the grotbags' and they are central to our home life.


I served for 8 years (1997 - 2005) in the Royal Navy as an aircraft mechanic and have spent the majority of the rest of my career working in military aviation. I left my last job in December 2022 as I wanted to work from home more/reduce my hours and this was not something my employer could accommodate. I have spent the last 16 months thoroughly enjoying being at home with my two terriers, gardening and learning to weave willow baskets (I sell them at a craft fair in Titchfield every Friday) but the opportunity to join the team at Holty Paws was something that I jumped at and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting and walking so many of your dogs so far, I'm looking forward to more adventures with them and others as time passes by."

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