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Rachael has spent her life working in healthcare, most recently as an NHS podiatrist, having gained her degree at Southampton University in 2022.

With a young family, she decided that she wanted to follow her absolute passion which was to find a way of working with animals.

"Dogs have always been a huge part of my life, growing up with them I have some of my fondest memories. 


As a child we had all sorts of breeds of dogs and I attended ringcraft classes and shows from a young age with my mum. These times bring back all the best memories from my childhood.


My love of animals not just dogs, I have always been keen on equestrianism, We had a family pony when I was young and now I have my own, Maverick, who I am hoping might inspire my own children.


I cannot explain how happy I am waking up each morning,  looking forward to work now I am spending my day with dogs. This is a wonderful lifestyle change for me."

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