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"When I was growing up, most of my friends were animals, only kidding, all my friends were animals!


 I’ve always had a knack with dogs of all shapes and sizes. I guess that when you're dedicated and truthful with them, they see it.


I’m a fully qualified Physical Trainer & a former primary school teacher (which is not too dissimilar from herding dogs!). It got to the point where although I loved (most of the time) working with the children I did find the politics with some of the other adults in the staffroom to take away the joy so I took the plunge and have changed career so I can do what I truly love. 

I have always had pets and I feel like they turn my house, into my home. Strangely, I find it very therapeutic and fulfilling to spend my day covered in muddy paws, trawling through the outdoors and having fun with the dogs." 

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