“Hi I'm Ellie, I am a fun and enthusiastic dog owner myself and can't wait to start my adventure with all your furry friends. 

I have come from a background in mental health and young people care and through this have learnt so many things that I can take across to achieve the best physical and mentally stimulation, fun and play on our walks. 

I had always wanted a dog from the age of 7, but my mum was a cat person. When I was 14 we had the chance of getting our own dog, it was like having a new best friend and  it was indescribable how amazing it was for me. Now I'm older in my own house , my partner and I have our gorgeous little girl, Willow, a very cheeky but incredible cocker spaniel/beagle. In fact, it was through being a client of Holty Paws first of all that I then got in touch with them to see if I could pursue this as my new occupation.

Becoming a dog walker means everything for me, spending time with all different types of dogs with their very different personalities, watching the puppies grow and become more inquisitive each walk is such a reward."