1 hour group walk - includes pick up and drop off from your home -  £12.00 

1 hour solo walk - includes pick up and drop off - £18.00

30 minutes solo walk - includes pick up and drop off - £14.00

Weekend outing - a longer walk to a location further afield (weekend only & subject to availability), where your dog will be out of the house with us for around 3 hours from pick-up to drop off - £35.00 per dog

30% discount for walking each further dog from the same household on all walks and services.

15% discount for a second walk later in the same day.

Note - Bitches in season can only be walked as solo walks (with or without further dogs from same household)

All dog walking prices include pick-up and drop off of your dog from your home, mid-walk treats, poo-pick-up and disposal and towel down (if needed).


20 minutes - a quick visit suitable for small caged animals such as guinea pigs or hamsters - £8.00

30 minutes - a 'feed & fuss' visit for cats, dogs and other pets who require feeding plus a little extra fussing - £10.00

45 minutes - suitable for puppies requiring extra play time and socialising or older dogs to include a short walk - £14.00

60 minutes - perfect for energetic pets, includes feeding (if required), a 30 minute walk and playtime or cuddles - £16.00

15% discount for second visit in the same day.

Supplementary charges apply for additional pets in same household 

Price includes travel to and from your house, feeding your pet / fussing as needed, topping up with fresh water,  we can also arrange feeding houseplants, closing curtains or similar (if requested).


Evening* - includes companionship for up to 5 hours, plus feeding and walking as appropriate - £25.00

Overnight* - Includes an overnight stay in your home, an evening and morning feed and walk as appropriate - £30.00

Day-Care* - 9 am - 5 pm. We'll look after your pet for the full day, including feeding and walking - £30.00

Full-Day* - Includes round the clock companionship (20 hours in a 24 hour period), feeding, walking, playing as required - £45.00

*These companionship visits or sitting services are tailored to meet your exact needs. Please do contact us to discuss your requirements

Price includes travel to and from your house, feeding your pet / fussing as needed, topping up with fresh water, we can also arrange feeding houseplants, closing curtains or similar (if requested).


Weekdays - suggested minimum 30 minutes per visit


​1 x 30 minute visit per day - £10.00


We'll pick up your pet to take them to vets or grooming appointments  - £10.00 per hour

All pet taxi, shopping services and bespoke pet care are charged at a minimum of

1 hour + 50 pence per mile travel from your home to the destination.



This is an 'emergency service' and so subject to availability and priced according to the specific criteria of care and service that is needed for each individual situation.

​Wherever possible and where capacity allows, we will endeavour to accommodate your needs to put your mind at ease.

In all cases, Administration of any medication only by prior agreement and where you have specific needs that differ from our guides, please call us to discuss bespoke arrangements​.


For all services, unless otherwise stated, prices are based on mid-week services.

​Weekends - time and-a-half

Public holidays – double time 

Except for Pet Transport, all our dog-walking, pet feeding and pet sitting services include travel to your home.


Wolfy has the most amazing time with Holty Paws whenever Gabby or Ian look after him - I cannot recommend them highly enough - a great service!


They don't just walk your dog they get them involved in playing brain games for the dogs with treats or puzzles or hide and seek games.

I also love the fact they send pictures of where they have been and a little story of everything my dog been up to and who she's been playing with. The places that they go are amazing and also look so fun !


Because of surgery and unable to get out myself, Gabby and Ian have been walking Hati daily for several weeks. Looking at the photos that come through at the end of each day, I would judge that my little pal enjoys every minute.

Gabby and Ian fit the walks around my appointments and hang onto my dog if I’m delayed in getting home.


I couldn’t recommend Holty Paws more highly! They are professional, friendly and the dogs love them. Mine sits by the front door waiting for the knock! And sleeps peacefully for hours when she gets home. I am happy that I contacted them initially and feel that my dog is in safe hands.


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