Here are some ideas of where you can walk your dog within the areas we cover

At Holty Paws we have always tried to make ourselves stand out from many other pet care companies. One of our key differentiators is that we take your dog to different places each day.


We often give our new clients a list of some of the places we like to go to, especially if they are new to owning a dog. We thought it would be good to share this list with everyone to give you new ideas and so your dog has the opportunity to enjoy a wide and varied range of safe walks throughout the area.


Alverstoke Country Park - Mainly reclaimed MoD land but essentially heathland now, popular with lots of dogs in the Gosport area. – We advise extreme caution during summer months due to number of adders reported.

Burridge Woods - A walk in woods, fields, recreation ground and the Hamble River, the dogs love it and people can even take in the Horse & Jockey pub at the upper limits of the walk if you need a further incentive...

Chilling Barn - Parking near Solent Breezes, we walk on footpaths at edges of fields, woodland and onto the beach. Great walk that can be continued up to Meon Shore/Titchfield Haven which is a great place when the tide is in or out, with scope to walk edges of fields in a circuit nearby and can be extended to take a couple of hours or more.

Coldeast Park - Near Holly Hill Leisure Centre. Has playing fields, woods and a pond. Be aware of areas where dogs MUST be on a lead otherwise you may get a £100 fine PER dog!

Creek Woods - Near Denmead, a great forest walk with good footpaths and better off-track options.

Fleming Park - A former golf course, now very much a dog walking park with a stream and plenty to keep them entertained. Sometimes shared with running clubs (mainly weekends or Christmas Day).

Forest of Bere – A great walk for sunny days when shade is needed and also for charging around sniffing at all sorts of things.

Hamble Airfield - A good walk on open land and starting on a recreation ground with many paths to take it offers plenty of variation. Not so good on really hot days as there is no shade nor water available.

Hamble Common and shore – A good woodland and open common walk through to the beach. Perfect on a rising tide or a full spring tide.

Hamble River Country Park – Formerly known as Manor Farm Country Park, this area has more woodland and direct access to the river but has benefit of dedicated dog field, too.

Hamble River Towpath – Walking from Warsash upstream or from Swanwick downstream, this can be a pleasant walk but be aware of VERY strong tidal currents at the sluices when tide is in or on the turn out. If a dog gets caught in this whilst swimming, then it would be approx. one minute underwater. Another potential hazard can be broken cans and other sharp litter in the tideline that can cause cuts to pads on the dog’s feet.

Hayling Island – We like to go to the west side near the golf course and have heaps of fun on the beach there when the tide is out. Beware of strong currents on a falling tide and always in the Langstone Channel.

Holly Hill – Yet another good woodland walk with an option to go down to the Hamble River and join the tow path to go all the way to Swanwick or to Warsash. Be aware of areas where dogs MUST be on a lead otherwise £100 fine PER dog!

Hook Common & Warsash Common - These are kind of interlinked, but you can do just one or the other if time is limited. We advise extreme caution during summer months due to number of adders reported.

Hut Wood – Just to the north of North Stoneham Park development, great woods for exploring, also adjacent is smaller Avenue Park.

Itchen Valley Country Park – A great for woodland and meadows, secure but it is always busy during school holidays.

Manor Farm – Used to be integral to the previously mentioned Hamble River Country Park, now noted as being separate although accessed on same road, just go further to the very end of the road. Open fields, woodland and the river with nice creeks when tide is in.

River Itchen – Park at Eastleigh Rugby Club and walk the path north towards Twyford. Great on warm days of summer if your dog loves to swim.

Royal Victoria Country Park - A good mix of woods, open fields, path, trails and a beach with great swimming fun to be had if tide in.

Swanwick Lakes - A good walk with varied options, generally up to an hour to walk it but you can add some bits as you get to know the area. Be aware that cattle are sometimes to be found in some of the fields.

Southsea beach – A nice early morning walk here when the tide's 1/2 in is perfect with a lovely dog-friendly café to relax at afterwards. Evenings are wonderful with great sunsets, too.

Telegraph Woods – Good and secure woodland walk behind the Ageas Bowl cricket complex.

Titchfield Canal – A great walk from the village down to Titchfield Haven and the shore at Hill Head. Be aware that livestock are sometimes to be found in some of the adjacent fields and dogs can find their way under the fences in places.

Warsash Shore - We often walk from Strawberry Fields along and past the Maritime Academy and out to the Solent. This can be added to part of the Hook Common walk, too, if you can find the adjoining paths.

West Wittering - Another fantastic early morning beach walk, East Head is dog friendly throughout the year, but the main beach is only so from October to March. You can walk down to East Wittering from there, great walk and dogs go nuts on the sand and in the dunes. Can be busy with walkers at low tide on weekend mornings.

Westwood Nature Reserve – Mixture of woodland and heathland/open common walking near Netley/Weston Shore. Parking opposite Weston Shore.

Whiteley Woods – There are extensive and varied options for terrain, can be quite a long one if you fit all of it in. Now there is extensive development on adjacent fields, access is compromised to certain areas but it is still good to explore but phone signals can be low so relying on GPS to get back to your starting point if you get lost cannot be guaranteed.

Wickham Common - Just outside Wickham and adjacent to the Forest of Bere this is a shorter walk, about 3/4 hr to 1 hr but scope to add in some footpaths round the back of Portsdown Hill. Be aware that a resident next to the common has two pet alpacas so NOT to be used if dogs are livestock triggered.

Winchester Hill – Safe, quite enclosed space for a half hour walk that can be pushed to 1 hour. Be aware of areas where you MUST have dogs on lead due to sheep grazing (such as the Old Fort area).