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During the Pandemic, we put in place a number of stringent COVID-19 safety measures, aimed at ensuring our clients, our team and all other members of the community were kept safe and these are reviewed and updated regularly.

Where a client is working from home, we ensure a no-contact pick up and drop off and have advised all our team to maintain social distancing of more than 3-4 metres. If we are entering an empty home then we will ensure we wear effective PPE and minimise our 'footprint' within your home even more than usual. This means that during this pandemic we are unable to conduct services such as puppy visits within the home.

We ensure each member of the team carries hand sanitisers (we use 75% alcohol sanitisers) and ensure we clean our hands regularly and especially on entering and exiting their vehicle whilst working.

We use our own leads and towels, single use per day and these are then washed on a hot cycle before being used again.

We do require our clients to keep us informed of any risk of COVID-19 within their household. If a member of the household has tested positive we regret that we are unable to walk the dog(s) until the isolation period has been completed and a negative test proven. This is to ensure the safety of all other clients, our team and their families.


There have been an increasing number of reports about attempted dog thefts within the area in recent months so we are even more vigilant now.


As with our regular approach to our walks, we keep our distance from all other people we see out and about on our walks (as a matter of courtesy, COVID-19 safety, and to ensure we minimise the chance of our dogs and any others we see coming into contact with each other). As a matter of course, our job is to look ahead, identify and avoid any potential hazards and dangers to our groups so we keep clear of others wherever possible. This is our best defence but we have also advised our walking team to adopt further measures to keep the dogs and themselves safe. 

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