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Since I was young I’ve always loved animals.  I grew up with dogs, cats and rabbits and later adopted several rescue dogs that had been overlooked by others. I was devoted to them, always ensuring they received all my love and the best care possible for their final years.


How it all began...


I quit the corporate world and started Holty Paws because I couldn't find a suitable service to look after our own pets when we found our ourselves in need at the last minute. I looked at the services on offer and compared that to how we have always looked after our own dog and saw a massive gap. I thought, 'if Harvey loves his adventures and the way we care for him so much, loads of others must feel the same!' 

Our dog walks are exactly the same as we have always given to our own dogs; very interactive and upbeat, visiting different places each day and always exploring 'off track' whenever possible. We love to play games that bring out their 'inner dog' as it is as much about their emotional well-being as  it is about giving them a physical work out. 

Our moto is 'Be More Dog!'

As with all our team I am trained in pet First Aid, have been DBS-checked and I also have diplomas in Canine Communication, Pet Psychology, Canine Behaviour. I am now furthering my training in Puppy Training & Socialisation and Dealing with Reactive Dogs. I am always on hand to offer support and guidance to the rest of the team to ensure all animals get the very best care at all times.

Every day with our pets is a gift.  They are loving, funny and enhance every aspect of life!


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